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Having an NPDES permit, or a SWPPP, is required in order to stay in compliance with government environmental regulations. But having a stormwater permit is not enough. Proper stormwater training, sometimes referred to as SWPPP training, is the only way to ensure that requirements in your SWPPP are being met, and that you're staying in compliance.

In many states, regular or annual stormwater training is more than a good suggestion - it's a requirement of your stormwater permit! Usually the requirement is for SWPPP training, at least annually, for key employees and members of the SWPPP pollution prevention team. So, for anyone covered by a stormwater permit, basic annual stormwater training is a must.

At Resource Management Associates, we're stormwater training experts. We've provided SWPPP training to hundreds of facilities and personnel throughout the United States.

  • SWPPP Training for Everyone. We've provided stormwater training to the largest international companies with hundreds of trainees to small companies with a handful of employees. Whatever form of stormwater training you are considering for your facility or organization, either in person or online, we can accommodate your needs.
  • Robust Stormwater Training. We can conduct SWPPP training on all aspects of your stormwater permit and stormwater plan, including stormwater monitoring, stormwater BMPs, inspections, record-keeping and documentation, and more. We provide comprehensive stormwater training to keep you updated and informed about your stormwater permit!
  • Stormwater Training Experts. We're stormwater permit experts, and we have extensive experience with a wide variety of stormwater permit types, including various state permits like the NJPDES Permit, to industry-specific, general, and individual permits, and more. We know your stormwater permit, and we'll provide the stormwater training you need to ensure you do too!
  • Stormwater Training across the US. We've provided stormwater training at locations throughout the US. We can also offer SWPPP training via webinars and other computer-based techniques, including comprehension testing. When completed, we provide all attendees with a stormwater training certification suitable for confirming your annual stormwater training requirements have been met.
  • Hundreds of Stormwater Training Sessions. We have the experience of having done hundreds of SWPPP training sessions for our clients. Our direct, no-nonsense approach will provide you the stormwater training you need to get the job done and ensure compliance with government requirements. And, we conduct our stormwater training in a manner that is accessible to all employees, and which both educates and empowers them to adequately and properly manage your stormwater permit program.

You need stormwater training. Robust SWPPP training is the best way to keep you and your staff up to date on regulations and your stormwater permit. If you need SWPPP training, turn to the stormwater training experts at Resource Management Associates.

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