EMG CSR Consulting LLP

EMG CSR Consulting LLP

Sustainability and CSR Workshops & Training


The easiest step towards increasing CR performance. Enhancing your journey to increased profitability through sustainability. Get up-to-date on specific topics in the fast-moving field of CR. Understand crucial standards, guidelines and changing legislation. Assess and evaluate opportunities & threats relevant to your business. Brainstorm ideas with expert professionals in CR & sustainability.


Whether you are new to sustainability or an industry professional seeking a wider understanding of a particular topic, we’re here to make things easier.

After the first session you will have:

  • Defined key areas that require your focus and further development
  • Mapped out an initial strategic plan in line with business objectives
  • Established immediate next steps for implementation

Popular course elements include:

  • How to develop a sustainability strategy that makes business sense
  • Tough questions for a more sustainable supply chain
  • Designing a successful stakeholder engagement programme
  • How to optimize your annual and sustainability reporting
  • Selling green products: moving away from price, to added value

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