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Help your employees gain a comprehensive understanding of TDG Clear Language legislation using Aware's interactive computer-based training program. This course is designed for employees who ship, handle or receive dangerous goods, providing them with a clear, concise explanation of the legislation and how is applies to the workplace. TDG Clear Language addresses legislation, training, safe and approved packaging, the classification system, safety and documents. Learners who successfully complete TDG Clear Language and the accompanying exam receive TDG Clear Language certification.

Our Competitive AdvantageTDG Clear Language was developed by Aware's education and training experts in conjunction with industry professionals and government. This consultative approach ensures this course meets industry needs and legislative requirements. It also guarantees course content is regularly updated, keeping it timely and relevant.

Also included are Aware's full range of easy-to-use features including audio/visual assistance, coaching, interactive exercises and a glossary. 

The Benefits of TDG Awareness:

  • Most learners complete TDG Awareness 1 & TDG Awareness 2 in 3 hours
  • Interactive exercises reinforce key concepts, increasing enjoyment, motivation and retention
  • Easy to use features accomodate various learning styles
  • The course is concise and professional, yet engaging to learners
  • Each learner can proceed at an individual pace

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