Oil Stop Division of AMPOL American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL)

`Tell Me` Safety Program Training


AMPOL’s “Tell Me” safety program gives our employees authority to stop work immediately when they encounter unsafe work situations. Our “Tell Me!” emblem is given to each employee to place on their hard hats. Small stickers with the names of each of their loved ones are placed around the emblem as a visible reminder that we are all accountable in ensuring that everyone returns home safely at the end of each day.

Employees attend 40 hour HAZPOWER training certifications with 8 hour annual refresher courses. We believe that our uncompromising commitment to human safety and environmental protection directly reflects our commitment to quality as a part of our dedication to our customers and the success of their projects.

AMPOL has appeared frequently on the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation’s “Safest 70”. This annual list is compiled of LWCC’s top 70 clients with the best safety record in the state. We have received numerous awards over the last three decades from CHESM (Chevron Pipeline) for leadership commitment and outstanding work crew safety. These awards are granted based on numerous behavioral observations conducted in the field. The AMPOL team has maintained constant sight of its goal to achieve an incident-free work place.

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