RSM Lining Supplies

RSM Lining Supplies



RSM offer full customer support and on site practical training in all aspects of lining, patching and use of associated equipment for all aspects of the CIPP process.

Perfect for any contractor looking to either completely set up in the CIPP industry or diversify into new markets. We also offer a refresher course for those perhaps already experienced in the industry yet looking to broaden the skills base and learn the most up to date techniques and procedures.

This includes the correct liner preparation and impregnation procedures, installation, monitoring and curing techniques for ambient and hot cure Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy and Silicate resins.

We are dedicated to supporting the growth of our contractors and so we are fully committed to offering every customer whether large or small the back up and advice they require to maximise the potential of their business.

Training and support packages can be custom designed to suit the exact needs of each individual contractor and cover any aspect of the CIPP process.

Training courses have previously included:

  • Patch Repair

Installation of the WRc approved Pipe Doctor lateral system and patching around 90º bends using the radius packer.

  • Ambient Cure

Small bore diameter lining works using Polyester, Silicate and Epoxy resins with various installation techniques including. Pull in place lining, air inversion and water inversion.

  • Hot Cure Lining

Water and air inversion using Polyester, Vinlyester and Epoxy resins specially designed to cure only when heated to the correct temperature. Training in this aspect utilises a range of bespoke equipment, including boilers, inversion drums and re-circulation devices, specifically designed for the CIPP industry.

Training courses in each application can be undertaken on a hourly, daily or weekly basis either at our premises or on site to enable the contractor to earn whilst learning.

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