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Logical Decisions provides seiminars in the use of the Logical Decisions® software and in the methods it is based on. A one day “nuts and bolts” seminar gives participants familiarity with the Logical Decisions® software and the ability to create a simple Logical Decisions model. A two day seminar focuses more on an overview of the decision analysis methodology and a discussion of some of the subtleties of its use.

The seminars will be offered from time to time on an open enrollment basis. See theInnovative Decisions web site for the next available date.  They can also be conducted at in-house at client offices. Participants should provide their own laptop computers. A trial version of Logical Decisions® will be available for use during the seminar. A maximum of 15 participants is allowed. The seminars are conducted by Logical Decisions’ consulting partner Innovative Decisions, Inc.  Gary Smith, the developer of the Logical Decisions® software is typically one of the instructors.  Please contact Logical Decisions or Innovative Decisions for more information on pricing, scheduling and how to customize the seminars to your needs.

One Day “Introduction to Logical Decisions®” Seminar

The “Introduction to Logical Decisions®” seminar provides a quick introduction to the LDW software and will equip participants to develop simple models and to understand and manipulate models developed by others. A highlight of the course will be the preparation of a complete LDW model on a topic of their choosing by the participants.

Seminar Topics

Decision Analysis Background

What is decision analysis, when to use it, what to expect as results.

Structuring the problem

How to define a new problem, developing a hierarchy of goals and objectives, defining alternatives, scoring the alternatives, importing and exporting data, using probabilities.

Assessing Preferences

Converting measures to common units, eliciting weights.

Presenting Results

Result displays, exporting displays to other software, sensitivity analysis, interpreting results.

Two Day “Making Logical Decisions®” Seminar

The “Making Logical Decisions®” seminar is designed as an intensive introduction to the concepts and practice of multi-objective decision analysis. While it is based on the Logical Decisions® software, it is primarily meant provide an overview of the framework within which it should be used. It also addresses the analyst judgments needed when using Logical Decisions, such as which elicitation method(s) to use.

This seminar does not attempt to replace college-level courses or the years of experience needed to become a “mature” decision analysis facilitator. Instead it is intended to provide a starting point for those thrust into the facilitator’s role and to provide an understanding of the process and results for those who plan to be the “consumers” of a Logical Decisions® analysis.

The seminar is designed to be interactive and to allow shifts of emphasis based on the group’s needs.

Seminar Topics

Decision Analysis Background

What is decision analysis, when to use it, what to expect as results.

Decision Analysis Steps

A step by step outline of how to conduct a decision analysis.

Diagnosing the Decision

Covers the art of planning a decision analysis, including timing and budgeting, the role of the decision analyst, and interactions with other experts.

The Steps in Detail

Provides a more detailed discussion of each of the steps of a decision analysis. The use of the LDW software for each step is discussed, along with the “art” needed, and pitfalls to avoid. Particular emphasis is given to

- methods and considerations for defining evaluation measures

- selecting and using the elicitation methods in LDW

- displaying and interpreting results

Where to Go From Here

Provides references and and overview of the decision analysis literature and where to go for additional training or help on specific problems

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