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Our employee training courses are practical, easy to understand and designed to ensure you can fully understand and comply with environmental legislation and/or deliver best practice. They are primarily targeted at anyone within your business who has some form of responsibility for environmental issues, whether they be buyers, operations managers, estimators, sales teams, or environmental managers or advisors. However we can tailor our courses to suit any audience.  We also appreciate that everyone is busy, so although face to face training allows for networking and dialogue between learners we recognise that it isn’t always practical to take groups of people out of the workplace. As a result we can deliver training via an e-learning  platform enabling people to learn when it suits them., at their desk, in their lunch break or even at an evening or weekend if they so wish.

We can also offer training for your supply chain and are very experienced at running workshops with multiple different businesses (even competitors) present.

Our training programmes cover a range of topics including:

Environmental Assessment; Waste Management Planning; Resource Efficiency; Environmental Assessment techniques; Environmental Site Inspections and Monitoring; Emergency Response and Site Inspection Procedures; Carbon Management; Control of Water Pollution; Responsible Sourcing; Life Cycle Analysis

Sales Force
Existing sales force training focusses on techniques and management models for ‘closing the deal’ and being more effective. There is a new breed of sales people emerging those that can sell the sustainability benefits of their organisation and products.

In order for any sustainability drive to maintain momentum and purpose it is vital to have all employees on the journey with you. We can tailor training to in house staff whether office or factory based. We appreciate that these are two different audiences who will contribute to the sustainability of the organisation in different ways.
It is ideal for construction product and materials manufacturers, as well as design-side professionals including contractors, architects, quantity surveyors, and engineers.
We have developed a range of e-learning material for the Supply Chain School and other clients. E-learning offers a cost effective way to deliver a core sustainability message or training programme specific to your business needs. This approach is very flexible and means you can train groups or individual simultaneously across different sites and even countries with the same consistent delivery.
Responsible Solutions have been working with specialists in sustainable construction from Loughborough University to develop flexible training for construction industry small and medium-sized businesses.

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