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Aibotix flight school and UAV Training: Learn how to use the full potential of the Aibot X6 hexacopter.

Manufacturing one of the most versatile drones on the market for surveying, mapping and inspection, Aibotix also provides best-in-class service and training for all UAV pilots working with the Aibot X6 to achieve highest accuracy and best results. Customers have the opportunity to choose between the three-day basic flight training, the two-day application training, the two-day refresher training or the five-day complete training.

In our small-group classes the soon-to-be pilots learn everything they need for their daily work with the Aibot X6 UAV. With our designated training location in Bad Arolsen very next to Kassel, Germany, the attendants find themselves in a perfect environment to make the first steps as professional UAV-pilots. Either if you are at the beginning of your career as an UAV-pilot with the Aibot X6, or if you are already an advanced operator and just want to refresh some skills, the training provides you with everything you need to know in theory and on the road.

From basic flight regulations through essential technical aspects of the Aibot X6 UAV, the participants get a full view over every essential detail concerning their daily workflow and drone. With the profound theory sessions you get briefed in basic regulatory like no fly-areas, ascent permissions and national laws regarding the use of an UAV. When the training gets more specific you get a full briefing on how to prepare your Aibot for each flight, how the remote control and the drone works and instructions how to mount the required sensor.

After the participants got all the needed theory, first assisted flights take place. Step by step the trainers reduce their assistance until everybody feels safe to fly by themselves. In special sessions the skilled trainers improve awareness for the aircraft as well as they increase the participants confidence in the modern technique. After basic aerial maneuvers can be performed by the students, more pretentious maneuvers such as safe and quick landing in case of an error or emergency are being trained.

After the general teaching content, trainers and students together work through regular operating sequences for daily use like the implementation of the flight planning software Aibotix AiProFlight in every workflow, determine the right settings for and calibrating the sensor, pre-flight checking of rotors, rechargeable batteries, connecting the AiDLVP and loading the first flight-plan onto the internal storage of the Aibot X6 UAV.

Due to the comprehensive and detailed training, customers can integrate their UAV into existing workflows very quickly and generate highly precise data.

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