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At Bollegraaf we are the experts on the construction and operation of our products and installations – and we are happy to offer training to our customers. The training course gives participants a better understanding of the capabilities of our products and turnkey solutions. This knowledge directly leads to a more efficient operation of the machine, resulting in better operational safety and reducing the likelihood of breakdowns. Obviously this also contributes to a better return on investment.

During our training programmes the following subjects are covered:

  • General operation of the products
  • Construction and operation of important components: mechanical, electrical and hydraulic (and PLC if the training concerns our balers)
  • Finding faults
  • Simple repairs
  • Maintenance

When the training has been completed successfully, participants receive a BRS certificate. The training programme is customised to each client’s specific needs and can take place at Bollegraaf or at a location of your preference.

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