Separation Processes, Inc. (SPI)

Separation Processes, Inc. (SPI)

Training and Operations & Maintenance Manuals


SPI offers various levels of training for membrane systems. The training covers basic system training and site specific system training as well as detailed system data monitoring and data interpretation training. The training is developed for Operators, Supervisors and Managers and can be tailored individually to the specific systems.

SPI offers the following training programs:

  1. Basic Technology Training
    a. MF
    b. RO
  2. Advanced Technology Training
    a. Data Analysis and Review
    b. Data Normalization
  3. System Specific Training
  4. Operator Level Training
  5. Supervisor Level Training
  6. Manager Level Training

SPI prepares custom O&M (Operational and Maintenance) manuals to meet specific client needs. Manuals have included both detailed operations manuals for the membrane systems, as well as facility overview manuals to complement or enhance component manuals that were provided by the various equipment suppliers.

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