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Thanks to advanced 3-D graphics coupled with an electrically controlled full-motion platform, the Volvo Advanced Training Simulator puts a whole new spin on operator training. The operator feels precisely how the machine will react in various situations, allowing training in even the toughest environments and most stressful situations, all in a realistic environment without risk to either one's self, another person, or the machine.

Safe Operator Training

  • Less risk for personnel or machines vs. real life operating
  • Proactive training in unpredictable situations
  • Minimal distractions in classroom environment

Cost Savings

  • Fuel consumption
  • Minimal machine damage and/or wear
  • Reduced training supervision

Fast and Efficient Learning

  • Simulation training is not hindered by weather conditions, availability of equipment, or job site freedom.
  • Tests show that students learn faster the first few hours of training when using simulation techniques over real life machine operating
  • Performance feedback is generated during each session and logged in the system. (E.g. Production per hour, Fuel consumption, Tire wear, etc.)

Increased Production

  • Simulator trained operators are proven to be more productive upon beginning work in real life applications
  • Skilled operators can put a competitive edge on his/her expertise further ensuing safety aspects, economy in operation, such as loading efficiency, fuel efficiency, etc.

Reduced Production Loss

  • Minimal need of production machines for training purposes

The powerful real-time physics simulation together with the latest animation technology and Volvo's unique operator environment now enables an affordable and compact solution to operator training. When used together, the Volvo Advanced Training simulator further supports Volvo's strive to offer safe and environmentally friendly products, and help customers to get the full advantage of the Volvo product strength.

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