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When a pressurized underground water pipe develops a leak, water flows through it into the surrounding soil at high speed. In consequence: The pipeline material vibrates at the water leak. This vibration is transmitted through the pipe, and can be picked up even at remote contact points (water valves, hydrants, water meters, etc.). The GLDS LD-15 extremely sensitive wind protected sensors with non wanted noise filter help the user determine water leak location.

The water leak jets and pipes induce vibration in the soil which transmits to the surface, where it can be picked up as ground-borne noise. Structure-borne water leak noise is transmitted over long distances in metallic pipes. GLDS LD-15 special sensor picks up structure-borne sound very effectively.

Structure-borne water leak noise is not transmitted as well by non-metallic pipe materials such as PVC. When readings at the valves are not enough: the sections between valves must also be checked.

Making readings at intervals areas enables the water leak sound to be detected and located with sufficient accuracy. Comparison between various readings areas with the lowest leak sound level and the loudest leak sound level indicates where the leak is located. This is a primary indicator of water leak location since the background noise vary, but the water leak noise is constant. Finding the location where the leak sound level is the highest is an important key to water leak detection. Use this principle to find underground water leaks, detection of slab water leaks.

GLDS LD-15 will amplify the noise created by a fluid escaping from a pipe. Using GLDS LD-15 you can also trace the line of a pipe. This is done by inducing a sound wave along the pipe which can be measured at ground level thus allowing you to follow and plot its route.

The LD-15 is specially designed to locate and listen for leaks in buried pressurized lines; great for leaks in water lines. The LD-15 Leak Detector is a state-of-the-art leak detector designed to meet the demands of the professional leak finder. It transforms the vibrations generated by the friction of escaping liquids and gases into a filtered distinctive audible sound. Detection capabilities are enhanced with our unique automatic noise reduction transducer, making wide acoustic range of 20Hz to 6000Hz easy to located leaks in cast, iron or PVC lines.

The vibration created by the escaping liquid is collected by the ground sensor and fed to the main unit, which transform and filters it into digital sound. The digital noise filter reduces unwanted noises and interference in the locator's immediate testing environment and helps to highlight the leak location. Isolating the leak vibration creates the best situation for qualified and accurate leak detection.

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