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Troubleshooting Activated Sludge Operations Training Webinar - Sep 29 and Oct 1

This webinar is for attendees to evaluate their treatment system and develop a list of opportunities to improve and optimize their plant operation. This course is for experienced operators and managers of activated sludge plants. A microscopic floc assessment including filament identification should be conducted prior to the workshop so you know the present sludge quaility conditions that can be applied in the workshop. Topics include: symptoms, causes and cures for filamentous bulking, slime bulking and foaming; selectors and step feed; operating secondary clarifiers, developing operating plans and troubleshooting charts. This webinar will be presented in four 2-hr sessions over two days to cover all of the material. CEUs will be awarded (0.7)

Workshop topics include:

  • Biological Process Monitoring
  • Operating Secondary Clarifiers
  • Managing Nutrients
  • Aeration Problems & Dissolved Oxygen
  • Fine-tuning Your Process Control Management Plan
  • Use of Selectors and Step Feed

Troubleshooting Sludge Settling Problems

  • Poor floc formation
  • Foaming
  • Rising sludge
  • Toxicity
  • Rapid settling, turbid effluent
  • Filamentous and slime bulking
  • Low D.O. bulking
  • Low F/M bulking (prduction shutdown, low production)
  • Nutrient-deficient bulking
  • Septicity (organic acids/sulfide) bulking

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