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- UF-SWRO Plant Operation, Cost and Fouling Management


The MASAR course offers independent, user-minded and comprehensive perspectives on various aspects of the technology applications based on hands-on and plant experience of over 32 years worldwide, mostly in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Malta and the United States. The courses presentations, problem-solving guidelines and discussions reflect this enormous and unique combination of technical expertise, practical experience and on-site training of plant and business managers, engineers, supervisors, operators and technicians since 1983.

An advanced and specialized membrane desalination technology training course will be conducted on Sunday, August 30, 2015 (08:30-17:00), in the beautiful coastal city of San Diego, California, USA. The course's venue, at a hotel located within walking distance from the San Diego Convention Center, will be announced later.

The course's discussions will focus on fresh, practical and proven methodologies, techniques and approaches that address major technical issues related to the operation, maintenance, monitoring and performance of seawater desalination plants utilizing UF and RO membrane processes. It will train participants on how to effectively manage membrane fouling via innovative real-time and early detection, monitoring and resolution before the plant starts to suffer irreversibly or undergo massive and unscheduled cleaning cycles, maintenance shutdowns, membrane replacements and losses in productivity, quality and overall cost effectiveness of desalinated water.

The course’s format combines formal presentations and group interactive discussions and experience-sharing to encourage proactive participation via questions, input and feedback, and maximize trainee benefits. The last session of the day will include hands-on demonstrations of a fouled membrane autopsy, fouling inspection and identification. The day concludes with a period of open discussions among attendees and one-on-one questioning & brief consultation.

You will get a first-hand experience and knowledge in:

  • How to continuously and effectively monitor, evaluate and optimize your membrane desalination plant operation, performance and O&M costs as never before.
  • How to detect and measure any developing fouling in your UF and/or SWRO system in real-time and very early, usually when your plant is still seemingly producing the required, design or guaranteed flow and quality, and before any irreversible or catastrophic failures in performance occur.
  • How to use new, innovative and proven system monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools, as well as simple diagnostic techniques to maintain your plant at the highest and most optimum level and minimize its O&M costs on a daily basis, which will maximize and distinguish your professional contributions to your organization's team effort.

The knowledge and experience you will gain from this course will benefit your plant as well as you personally in your career development and experience-building efforts. What you learn from the MASAR Course experience will not be anything you could be taught by your standard classroom, academic or on-line training courses.


This practical and intensive training course is especially designed for membrane-based water desalination and purification plant superintendents, engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians varied levels of field experiences, technical background and field training. Recommended level of experience is 1-5 years direct involvement in day-to-day plant operations.

I. Morning Session
1. Practical Plant Operation & Cost Management

  • Optimization Considerations - How & what to optimize?
  • SWRO recovery ratio, productivity & availability.
  • UF/RO Integration & control philosophy & criteria.
  • UF flux & permeability.
  • Chemical & energy consumptions.
  • Membrane additions, replacements & cleaning.

2. Membrane Plant Fouling Management

  • Objectives & criteria of effective and comprehensive fouling management.
  • Practical fouling identification, trouble-shooting and control strategies.
  • Fouling impact on O&M costs.

II. Afternoon Session
3. UF-SWRO Fouling Potential, Types & Sources

  • Membrane fouling potential & sources
  • Identification of classic Types of fouling:
  • Biological fouling.
  • Organic & TEP fouling.
  • Colloidal & iron fouling.

4. UF-SWRO Fouling Detection & Measurement; Perfomance Monitoring And Evaluation

  • Trending - ASTM Standard normalization & performance evaluation.
  • Real-time fouling detection, measurement & performance monitoring.
  • Early-warning UF/MF Permeability Monitor & SWRO/NF Fouling Monitor.
  • Fouling & non-fouling UF-SWRO plant studies.

5. Plant Monitoring & Diagnostic Demonstrations

  • SilentAlarm & MASAR Software Solution Demonstration.
  • Seven Practical Diagnostic Troubleshooting Techniques.
  • Membrane Autopsy & Fouling Inspection Demonstration.

6. Open Discussion: Experience-Sharing, Feedback & Questions

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