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User Training


Our staff of factory trained technicians can train you to properly use and maintain your products anywhere in the world. Our staff of qualified trainers are available to provide you and your team with comprehensive training for your installed equipment. Proper user knowledge is a critical component necessary to ensure the continued health of your system. Choosing to train your operators is a business decision that you can make to help you reduce both your operation costs and your downtime.

Each training courses offered through our program is comprised of both classroom components and hands-on exercises.  Online modules are also recommended to provide reinforcement and refresher training, as needed.  Upon successful completion of the program, your designated operator will be trained to operate your equipment with ease and consistency.

We are currently offering training for the  following equipment :

  • BALPURE seawater electrochlorination ballast water management system
  • SEACLOR, SANILEC and CECHLO-M seawater electrochlorination systems
  • OMNIPURE and MARINER OMNIPURE electrochemical marine sanitation Systems
  • ClorTec and CECHLO-NS Brine electrochlorination systems
  • CECHLO-MS and CECHLO-IS membrane brine systems
  • Capital Controls gas feed disinfection systems
  • TETRA potable water, biological and tertiary wastewater treatment
  • UAT membrane filtration
  • MICRODYNAMICS / UltraDynamics UV disinfection systems
  • EST Scrubbers

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