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Solid Waste Solutions Corp.

Waste Audit Report Training


A large part of implementing the recommendations offered in a Waste Audit Report involves training our customer’s work force. Often times to achieve better results, we need the customer to change their behaviors in how they generate and manage the wastes. In many cases, the company must undergo a “culture change” in how it thinks about the waste in order to achieve the desired results.

SWS offers customized training to our customer’s employees, including those who generate the waste, those who manage the waste as well as the managers who affect policy on how the waste is generated or managed. Sometimes the customer will even have its vendors take part in the training so they can best understand what needs to happen to minimize waste and reduce costs. The key to SWS’ training program is the involvement and support of the front line employees who bear the brunt of the implementation. Without their buy-in, no program will be successful.

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