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Water/Wastewater Continuing Education Training


Water/Wastewater Continuing Education Training delivered by Dan may be accessed at this Web address; http://www.esdlt.com/wastewatertraining/ Online training and any site specific or local regulatory required training is available.

Additionally, Web Based Training which is  Real time (live) on your computer via the World Wide Web, is available.

Absorption, accuracy, acid, acidity, activated sludge and adsorption
Bacteria, baffle, base metal, batch process, biochemical oxygen demand, BOD, Blinding, buffer and bulking
Calibration, cavitation, centrifuge, chemical oxygen demand, COD, composite and continuous process
Day tank, detention time, dewater, diaphragm, diffuser, disolved oxygen and dynamic head
Effluent, element, emulsion, engineering wastewater, enzymes and equalization basin
Filamentous, flocculation, flow equalization, freeboard, friction loss and grab sample  
Head loss, hexavalent chromium, hydraulic load, hydrologic cycle and hydroxide precipitation
Impeller, inflow, ion concentration, jar test and kjedahl nitrogen


Deliverables available thru Environmental Services

Offerings from Daniel L. Theobald “Wastewater Dan” – The WastewaterWizard include but are not limited to the following:

Biological Treatment; activated sludge, biological nutrient removal, biological oxygen demand, biological wastewater treatment, biological wastewater treatment plants, rotating biological contactors and wastewater treatment

Water chemical dosing; automatic dosing systems, chemical dosing, chemical dosing pumps, chemical dosing system, digital dosing pumps, dosing pump control, dosing pumps, dosing systems, dosing tanks, piston dosing pumps, polymer dosing, polymer dosing systems, precision dosing, and precision dosing systems

Advanced Water Treatment; advanced membrane filtration and advanced water purification

BOD & COD; biochemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand analyzers, biological oxygen demand removal, chemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand analyses, chemical oxygen demand analyzers, chemical oxygen demand removal, chemical oxygen demand sensors, chemical oxygen demand test kits, chemical oxygen demand tests, chemical oxygen demand tubes and oxygen demand

Clarifiers; circular clarifiers, clarifier performance, clarifier tanks, clarifiers, flocculating clarifiers, high-rate clarifiers, inclined plate clarifiers, lamella clarifiers, primary clarification, rectangular clarifiers and secondary clarifiers

Dewatering; dewatering equipment, dewatering presses, dewatering pumps, dewatering systems, sludge dewatering, sludge dewatering containers and sludge dewatering systems

Dissolved Air Flotation; dissolved air flotation plants, dissolved air flotation systems and dissolved air flotation tanks

Dissolved Oxygen; digital dissolved oxygen sensors, dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen analyzers, dissolved oxygen bench meters, dissolved oxygen controllers, dissolved oxygen meters, dissolved oxygen monitoring, dissolved oxygen probes, dissolved oxygen sensors, dissolved oxygen test kits, dissolved ozone analyzers, dissolved ozone sensors and precision dissolved oxygen measurements

Filter Presses; bag filter presses, belt filter presses, belt filters, belt presses, chamber filter presses, chamber presses, filter cakes, filter press cloths, filter press manufacturers, filter presses, hydraulic chamber filter presses, industrial filtration, membrane filter presses, mobile filter presses, overhead beam filter presses, plate frame filter presses, pressure leaf filter, screw presses, side beam filter presses and sludge presses

Flocculation; bioflocculation, bio-flocculation, cationic flocculants, chemical flocculants, clay-based flocculants, flocculant dispersions, flocculant dosing, flocculant metering, flocculants, flocculating clarifiers, flocculation, flocculation basins, flocculation monitoring, flocculation systems, flocculator engineering, flocculator paddle wheel, flocculators, horizontal flocculators, liquid flocculants, organic flocculants and pipe flocculators

Grit Removal; aerated grit chambers, aerated grit removal, aerated grit separation, aerated grit tanks, degritter, grit chambers, grit classifiers, grit dewatering, grit handling, grit handling systems, grit pumps, grit removal, grit removal systems, grit removal tanks, grit scrapers, grit separation, grit traps, grit washers and grit washing

Industrial Mixing; channel mixers, digester mixers, directional mixers, floating mixers,  industrial mixing,  inline mixers,  channel mixing,  jet mixing, mixing systems, motionless mixers, pipeline mixers, polymer mixing, portable mixers, sludge mixers, sludge mixing, static mixers, static mixing, submersible mixers, water mixers and water mixing

Industrial Water; complex industrial wastewaters, industrial cooling water, industrial effluents, industrial ultraviolet, industrial ultraviolet sterilizers, industrial wastewater biological treatment, industrial wastewater industry, industrial wastewater pretreatment, industrial wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment systems, industrial water, industrial water filters, industrial water industry, industrial water quality, industrial water quality control, industrial water softening, industrial water treatment and industrial water treatment plants

Liquid-Solids Separation; 3-phase liquid-solids separation systems, liquid-solids separation and liquid-solids separation systems

Membrane Filtration; brackish water, brackish water reverse osmosis, ceramic membranes, filter cakes, membrane cleaning, membrane filters, membrane filtration, membrane filtration systems, membrane separation, microfiltration, microfiltration membranes, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis chemicals, reverse osmosis desalination, reverse osmosis membranes, reverse osmosis plants, sea water reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ultrafiltration membranes

Water & Wastewater; Activated Carbon Treatment, Activated Sludge, Algae Management, Biological Water Treatment, Bioreactors, Boiler Water, Chemical Water Treatment, Chlorine Dioxide Dosing, Chlorine Dosing, Conductivity Meters, Cooling Towers, Cooling Water, Deionization Systems, Demineralized Water, Desalination, Domestic Water Treatment, Drainage, Dredging Systems, Drinking Water, Electrdeionization  Systems, Flood Control, Grease Removal, Grease Traps, Greywater Recycling, Ion Exchange Resins, Irrigation, Lining Systems, Membrane Bioreactors, Microfiltration, Nutrient Removal, Oil Skimmers, Oil Spills, Oil Water Separation, On-site Water, Ozone & UV Treatment, Package Water Treatment, pH & ORP Monitoring, Pipeline Inspection, Pressure Water Cleaning, Process Water, Produced Water, Pure Water, Rainwater Harvesting, Reverse Osmosis, Scaling Control, Septic Systems, Settlers, Sewage Treatment, Sewer Cleaning, Sewers, Skimmers, Sludge Dewatering, Sludge Drying, Sludge Management, Storm Drains, Swimming Pools, Trickling Filters, Turbidity Monitoring, Ultrafiltration, Ultrapure Water, Valves, Water & Wastewater Pipes,  Water & Wastewater Pumps,  Water & Wastewater Screens, Water Aeration, Water Analyses, Water Chemical Dosing, Water Consulting & Engineering, Water Disinfection, Water Dispensers, Water Distribution, Water Filtration, Water Leaks, Water Level Monitoring, Water Management, Water Modeling, Water Quality, Water Recycling, Water Regulations, Water Resources, Water Sampling, Water Softening, Water Tanks and Storage, Water Testing, Water Treatment  Weirs, Sluices, Flumes and Gates


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