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Over the past 20 years, our training group has developed and delivered a range of educational courses for all ability levels. Our training will give clarity to technical topics and enhance the quality and reliability of your projects. All of our courses include hands-on learning using the world’s most advanced groundwater and environmental software programs available. Our software training courses provide in-depth and practical training on the use and application of our industry-recognized groundwater software.

Software Training Options
Why Waterloo Hydrogeologic Training Services?
Our professional training courses focus on the use and application of Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s industry recognized software used by regulatory agencies, educational institutions, industry, and consulting firms from around the world. Our professional trainers are experts in the use of the software for practical hydrogeologic analysis and modeling. As a company that integrates software development and training, we offer the latest modeling technology and analysis techniques.

Each Course Includes:

  • Ample opportunity for hands-on exercises using course software on computer (informative, leading edge lectures presenting theory and application of the software)
  • A complete set of hardcopy course notes including slides and laboratory exercises
  • Knowledgeable and experienced course instructors skilled at communicating ideas and concepts
  • Opportunity to work at your own pace and have your personal questions answered
  • A period of time reserved for receiving professional advice on personal projects
  • Maximum student-to-instructor ratio of 15:1
  • Certificate of completion

Who Can Benefit?

  • Experienced hydrogeologists with no prior groundwater modeling or analysis experience
  • Regulators who review modeling reports and manage water resource investigation and contaminated site remediation projects
  • Project managers who want to understand what the modelers are doing
  • Experienced modelers who want to enhance their environmental software skills
  • Students who want to acquire new environmental software skills
  • Managers and field personnel needing to utilize data management to keep track of their data
  • Lawyers who want to understand some of the technical issues in hydrogeologic analysis
  • Industry professionals who want to understand more about what their consultants are telling them

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