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Webinar : Calibration in Thermal Analysis



You expect that your thermal analysis instrument is always accurate, true and precise and delivers reproducible results within a given range. A calibration determines whether your module is delivering correctly measured values or needs an adjustment. In Thermal Analysis, different parameters must be calibrated (e.g. temperature, heat flow, mass, length, modulus).

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Calibration is a task which needs to be performed regularly to ensure that your instrument continues to deliver reproducible and accurate results. In Thermal Analysis, temperature, heating rate and the main signal value must be calibrated. In this Webinar, we will discuss the basics of calibration and adjustment, and provide you with valuable tips and hints about:

  • Basic concepts of calibration
  • What influences the results in Thermal Analysis
  • How often a calibration should be performed
  • How many reference substances are recommended

We will also show how modern software such as the STARe can support you for this important task.

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