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Webinar : IND - Hazardous Area – Basics



Defining a zone hazardous can have implications for your business, especially if this new to your company. This is why METTLER TOLEDO developed a free on demand webinar designed to inform you about the basics of hazardous legislation and protection.

Language: English , German , French , Spanish , Italian , Russian , Korean , Thai , Chinese (Traditional)

This on demand webinar offers you the opportunity to learn more about:

1st Module

Hazardous protection: why?
Industries at risk
The triangle of explosion

2nd Module

Global hazardous standards
Understanding ATEX zoning
Understanding the NEC division system

3rd Module

Techniques of explosion protection
Understanding an Ex label
Applications overview in industries
Maintenance in a hazardous area

Nina Schafroth, Segment Solution Manager Chem/Pharma, METTLER TOLEDO

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