Focus Wildlife

Wildlife Preparedness Training


Knowledge sharing and training of personnel in direct and peripheral contact with emergency response management and operations is imperative to safe and effective operations for both personnel and wildlife throughout a wildlife response effort.


  • Management
  • Corporate Staff
  • Media/Public Relations Personnel
  • Planners
  • Facility Personnel
  • ICS Representatives – Operations, Planning, Logistics, Finance
  • Wildlife organizations and special interest groups


  • History and Philosophy
  • Regulations and Requirements
  • Facility Development
  • Wildlife Management in ICS
  • Health and Safety – Zoonotic Disease Factors, Wildlife Hazards
  • Human Resource Development
  • Response Variables
  • Best Achievable Care Standards
  • Public Relations/Media Management


  • 8 hour overview of professional oiled wildlife response
  • ICS tabletop training
  • 2 hour refresher course
  • Customized courses based on participant needs

Wildlife Drills and Exercises

Proactive drilling of the Wildlife Response Plan will assist in streamlining procedures, identifying problems and assessing gaps pertinent to the wildlife planning process.  Both wildlife-specific and wildlife-incorporated drills are an excellent mode of testing the viability of the Plan deliverables within the incident command system and allowing for ongoing adaptation of the Plan to lessons learned during the exercise program.


  • Assist with wildlife-component preparations for exercises (ICS)
  • Participate during scheduled drills
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Test trained staff on wildlife issues
  • Test notification and activation procedures
  • Test facility preparedness
  • Test resource accessibility, procurement and cost-recovery mechanisms
  • Test trained/convergent workforce planning efficacy
  • Test media relations planning efficacy and public relations mechanisms for wildlife
  • Test wildlife reporting protocols, information provision and chain of command
  • Identify agency support requirements

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