Fall Safe

Fall Safe

Work at Heights - Access to Metallic Structures Training Courses



Objectives; This training, promoted by FALLSAFE, is designed to provide for the technicians who need to work at heights. At the end of training students should be able to: Enforce standards and procedures for safety in work at heights – Access to construction sites/Industrial environments. Properly use Collective and Personal Protective Equipment, regarding its operation and maintenance.

16 Hours of training with practical and theoretical examination

Evaluation Criteria
This course requires evaluation rounds, so the full attendance does not imply endorsement. There will be a written examination where the student will have at least 70% of correct answers. There will be a practical test where the student will perform all the proposed maneuvers.

A. Theoretical Component

  • Legislation, Regulations and National and EU Directives
  • Employer and Technician Responsability
  • Risk assessment
  • Fall arrest PPE’s
  • Collective protection systems / Fall arrest systems
  • Use, maintenance and inspection of PPE’s
  • Theoretical exam

B. Practical Component

  • Fundamental Knots
  • PPE use
  • Temporary vertical and horizontal Lifelines installation
  • Progression on vertical ladders
  • Progression on horizontal platforms
  • Progression on scaffoldings
  • Rescue maneuvers on Structures
  • Practical exam

Other Details
A. Profissional training certificate
At the end of the course, approved trainees will receive a profissional training certificate in accordance with Enactment nr.95/92 and the statutory enactment No. 35/2002, issued by FALLSAFE, to those who, not having exceeded the absence limit, meet the objectives of the course, reaching a satisfactory level regarding the contents of the proposed program.
The certificate is valid for 2 years.
B. Trainer/Student ratio: 1:8

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