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1.4 Pipe Camera Head - TRITON Inspection System Footage Video

Video taken with TRITON sewer camera with 1.4' camera head. More information about these systems at

This video shows live footage from 1.4' TRITON Inspection Camera.
On the left upper corner of the screen you see on-screen counter reading in imperial and metric, microphone/speaker icon and battery status. Battery works up to 2 hours on a full charge.

You can also type in your notes on the screen using the built in keyboard so you have available up to 8 pages of text.
Camera head is self-leveeing so you are always seeing the live image right side up and you don't need to rotate your screen to figure out where the bottom and where the top are. Pipe is about 6-8 inches in diameter and is well lit with camera's LEDs. The light is adjustable so you can dim it in metal pipes giving too much reflection or smaller size PVC pipes.

Camera resolution is 470 lines. 720x480 NTSC
The maximum distance you can push your camera depends on the pipe diameter and usually is up to 400 feet. If you need to go longer distance, we recommend to look at pipe inspection robots with Pan-and-tilt feature.

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