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2015 Soltec Sonica IRCCS Istituto Mario Negri Sub Video


IRCCS Mario Negri Institute works in various fields, from anti-cancer drugs to neuroscience and cardiovascular disease. There is great interest in rare diseases which are notoriously poorly studied in trials because the return on investment is so low. In order to carry out this research, the Institute needs to use the latest equipment and technologies. For this reason SOLTEC Compant provided to the Institute Mario Negri in Milan some equipment free of charge to carry out sonication. In particular the SONICA Ultrasonic baths are used for Ultrasonic Extraction of water-soluble compounds from soils according to ANPA/APAT guidelines. PhD student and Junior researcher at Laboratory of Enviromental Chemistry and Toxicology Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research explains in this video how they are using SONICA Ultrasonic baths for Ultrasonic-extraction methods.

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