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Acrowood | Veneer Chipper & Feedworks (slow-motion) - Video

PRODUCT NAME: Veneer Chipper & Feedworks

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Acrowood Veneer Chipper is specially designed to produce chips from waste veneer. The design of the chipper disc, arbor, and base produces an ideal arrangement so that the knife passes in the correct orientation relative to the anvil and anvil base. This chipper is not suitable for chipping cores or other forms of waste wood, as the knife and anvil arrangement is wrong for these other applications.

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WHO WE ARE: Acrowood has been designing and selling log chipping, debarking, and screening solutions for over a century (123 years), which support the Pulp & Paper, Biomass, Sawmill and Panel Board industries.

WHAT WE DO: Acrowood continues to innovate and grow, leading the the market in Chip Thickness Screening, and continually enhancing our solutions for Chipping, Cracking & Slicing, Debarking,Distributing & Feeding, Screening & Separating.

In the last 5 years Acrowood has sold equipment to over 425 locations, for more than 250 customers in more than 10 countries. Acrowood has a world class team of civil and mechanical engineers.


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Contact: Shawn Javid, VP of Sales & Marketing
Email: Phone: (425) 609-1248

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