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ADX - 2.1 Presentation- Video

Electrical rover for inspection and cleaning of pipes and underwater environments. Operation in pipes with internal dimension of at least 200 mm

Dimensions of body: 174 x 230 x 115 mm (width x length x height)
Weight: 7.4 kg
Control cable with cut resistance of up 100 kg with no need for additional tow cable
Self rotating color cameras with resolution of 550 lines and sensitivity from 0.05 lux
TV-cameras tested under gamma dose rate of 4.5 Gy/hour, at total gamma dose over 260 Gy
Adjustable lighting with continuous intensity range
Pull out/ back grip equipment for foreign object manipulation with weight of up to 200 g
Stainless steel & waterproof construction
Surface of the rover is easy to decontaminate
50 m control cable on a cable reel
IP68 enclosure, waterproof up to 20 m depth
Tilt sensor
Internal and external temperature measurement
Dose rate sensor integrated in the rover, scale 0.1-1000 mGy/h
48 V DC power supply

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