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Drum based Aerosol Can Recycling System

Extended slider bar deals with aerosols up to 750ml volume with longer piercing pin (US Models do not have this spec)

Aerosol Recycling using Aerosolv Drum Based System.Liquids Collect Directly Into the Drum
Thats the neatest feature of the system.

Residual liquids collect safely in the drum, ready for eventual transportation without further handling. And one 205 litre drum will hold the residual liquids from 4,000 spent aerosol cans.

Residual Propellant is Filtered of VOCs

The Combination Filter threads directly to the 3/4 bung of the drum, one of the many safety features incorporated into the system. Although not required by RCRA for aerosol can disposal, the filter addresses air quality and emissions standards

Please take this opportunity to view this video of the Drum based Can Recycling System in action.

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