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Aerotracer - Tool to Reduce Downtime of Aircrafts | AIRSENSE - Video

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The aerotracer is used to support the ground maintenance staff of airlines and to detect Oil smell in cabin / cockpit (fume events). It is a joint product between the companies AIRSENSE Analytics and Lufthansa Technik.

The aerotracer allows within some seconds to detect and identify common volatile compounds used in and for the aircraft, like hydraulic fluids or lubricating oils, and it is sensitive enough to rate odor concentrations into a sensing scale.

With help of the aerotracer it is possible to shorten trouble shooting times significantly, thus saving manpower resources and costs.

The aerotracer is currently in use by different airlines, aircraft engine manufacturers and maintenance providers.

Important features of the aerotracer:
- Leakages and liquid inclusions on parts of the airplane
- Locate the origin of the substance
Reliable identification and quantification of Oil smell in cabin and determination of root cause
- Detects different fuels, hydraulic fluids, shock strut fluids, glues, lubricants, glycol, corrosion inhibitors and many more
- Unique combination of different detectors
- Online – and Offline Analysis

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