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AET Flood Defence Barrier and Corners - Video

The AET flood barrier and corners, the “Alteau Flood Barrier”, is designed to rise automatically with the flood water, as such it does not need any external power source or pre inflation. The weight of the flood water provides stability and inflation: The water exerts a pressure of one metric ton per 1.4 metres of barrier. The barrier will deflate automatically with falling flood water. Heavy duty pegs can, where the ground allows be used to provide extra support during inflation Corners available for 90 angles for surrounding a building. Fabric: 650g PVC coated Polyester.
Connection is achieved using integral industrial standard Velcro fasteners on each end of the 10 meter barrier.
Barriers can be used on grass, gravel chips, concrete, tarmac, paving. The barrier will mould to most gentle undulating surfaces due to the flexibility of the fabric
Alteau barrier is a flexible, roll out barrier. A cost effective system enabling rapid deployment to a number of scenarios:
• As a flood protection barrier
• Damming streams for pollution control
• Chemical spill containment
• Pooling water
• Segregating flooded areas for pumping
The barriers are used by utility companies.

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