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AGRONIC MidiVario 85-100 Video

The AGRONIC MidiVario 85/100 is a small, compact round baler with big performance that has become the obvious alternative to traditional square baling. Because of its dimensions it is very suitable for small areas and for hilly terrain. The machine requires low horsepower, this makes it appropriate for small tractors from 60 hp.

The AGRONIC MidiVario 85/100 produces the perfect bale in different sizes from 520-670 liters. The machine is ideal for small farmers and the equestrian sector. It can also be recommended to managers of parks and green areas who need an efficient way to pick up leaves and grass.

The baler has a variable chamber with net- and rope applicator. The weight of a bale depends on the chosen density and diameter of the bale which could be 90/95 or 100cm. The width of the bale is 85cm. The combination is designed with a double-arm wrapper with 500mm stretch film. The machine is controlled by the latest CAN-bus technology for a fully automatic baling and wrapping process.

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