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ALBIN Pump Presentation English - Video

Albin Pump SAS designs, manufactures and markets, a wide variety of positive displacement pumps. Located in Montélimar (26 – France), ALBIN PUMP has over 30 years experience in pumping solution and offer

4 ranges of volumetric pumps:

  • High pressure hose pumps (up to 15 bar and 200 m3/h)
  • Low pressure peristaltic pumps (up to 4 bar and 10 m3/h)
  • Air Operated Floating Diaphragm pumps (up to 7 bar and 8 m3/h)
  • Rubber lobe pumps (up to 5 bar and 300 m3/h)

The pumps provide from ALBIN PUMP are used to transfer fluids with or without particles whatever the industry (slurry, oil, sandy water, leachate, polymer, several acids, foodstuff, paints, molasses, lime milk, hydrocarbon, sea water, etc…)

The peristaltic principle offers a lot of benefits and advantages in comparison with other technologies (full self-priming up to -9.8 m, damage-free continuous dry running, reversible, ATEX certification, reduction of the maintenance costs, shear-sensitive fluids,…), often used in replacement of progressive cavity pumps in water treatment industry for instance.

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