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Allegheny Security Grinders - Video

When the highest level of destruction is required, Allegheny Security Grinders provide secure, versatile destruction. These rugged, high-performance grinders are designed for single stage 'dump and run' destruction of documents (even full 3-ring binders), digital media, plastics, products, and printer's waste (sheet, slab, signature, and butt roles).

Allegheny's grinders are available with an adjustable screen -- the Allegheny SelecShred -- allowing operators to change the screen size with a push of a button to meet varying security requirements. This innovative feature makes document destruction faster and more convenient.

Allegheny manufactures two different models of security grinders: Model 1436GX and Model 1452GX. The heavy-duty drive train and unique cutting assembly make this product the most reliable and long-lasting in the industry.

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