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AMS 9700-VTR PowerProbe Direct Push Drilling & Augering Machine - Video

The track-mounted 9700-VTR PowerProbe™ is powered by liquid-cooled, 100 HP diesel engine. The rig comes standard with a powerful 550 ft-lb. hydralic hammer that allows you to drive 1 5/8in, 2 3/8in, and 3 1/2in direct push tooling as deep as 100 feet, depending on the lithology. The 80in probe stroke with 34,000 lb. downforce and 48,000 lb. pullback allows the operator to use 4-foot or 5-foot tooling. It also features 24 ton pulling capacity, and is available with an optional 3,000 lb. hydraulic hi-speed winch. When lithologies are not conducive to direct push, you can use the 5,000 ft-lb., two-speed, hydraulic auger drive head for hollowstem augering. This feature enhances the direct push capabilities of the machines by allowing for telescopic drilling and sampling techniques. It also makes it easy to install conventional groundwater monitoring wells. The 9700-VTR has a durable, heavy-duty undercarriage with a wide-base platform and 18in wide tracks -- allowing it to carry more weight, increase torque, and reduce ground pressure. Hydraulic movement in three axes allows easy probe alignment with the tool string. The rig conforms with all essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives using the appropriate conformity assessment procedures.

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