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AMS Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit - Video

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DESCRIPTION: The AMS Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit with Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer is ideal for obtaining core samples to a depth of up to 8ft. The complete set contains:
• A Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer,
• (1) 4ft. Deluxe AMS Carrying Case,
• (1) 3ft. Deluxe AMS Carrying Case,
• ONE 4 foot GP Slotted Sampler Tube,
• TWO 2 foot GP Upper Extensions,
• TWO 2 foot GP Lower Extensions,
• ONE GP Drive Head Adapter,
• (2) 12in. Pipe Wrenches,
• ONE Clean Out Spoon,
• ONE GP Drive Tip,
• ONE GP Liner Retainer Coupler,
• ONE AMS Foot Jack,
• 1 Set of 2 2in. Foot Jack Shackles,
• 1-1/2in. Core Catcher,
• Cleaning rods with brushes & T-handle,
• (4) plastic end caps,
• (1) plastic liner 1.5in. x 4ft &
• (1) plastic liner 1.5in. x 2ft.
Some BENEFITS include:
• It can take 2ft. & 4ft. length continuous core samples by hand
• It is a solution for low overhead and remote access areas
• It has Stronger sample rods compared to typical hand sampling soil probes
• It Can be used with or without a plastic liner
• No Power is Necessary
• Is Designed from our AMS PowerProbe tooling design

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