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Anti Slip Tape Application Video on External Porous Surface with Heskins Primer Video

This video provides you with the correct advice for applying our anti slip tape safety-grip onto a porous surface; it is a very simple procedure. We recommend the surface is above 10ºC, is not wet and is free from grease. For applying onto a porous surface such as wood, concrete or stone we recommend our H3506 primer. Brush the primer on as if it was paint, cover the entire area where the material is to be applied, only apply enough to seal the surface. The primer also acts like a keying agent providing extra bond if required. The primer requires some time to dry; this is only minimal, in warm conditions a maximum of 10 minutes, in colder conditions no more than 20 minutes. You can easily tell when the primer has set; it should be dry to the touch.

Remove the paper backing liner, press down onto the surface. Once applied we recommend firm even pressure; this can be down by hand or with the use of a seam roller which Heskins can supply at a low cost.

For high traffic areas or to be applied where there could be a lot of edge scuffing we recommend the use of our H3502 edge fix, this material is a compound that helps to prevent any edge failure. The tube is similar to a tooth paste dispenser. Simply apply a very small amount down the edge of the anti slip tape safety-grip, it should touch both the anti slip tape safety-grip and the surface, only a very small amount is required!

Once applied it sets within a short period of time leaving behind an almost invisible edge protection. The material can be walked on instantly after installation and will provide you a very durable and effective anti slip surface.

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