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Anti-Vibration Gloves Built to Protect Against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - Video

Vibrating tools and equipment are used by workers every day in all kinds of heavy applications. While these jobs present multiple risks and hazards, one that is often overlooked is the vibration and impact produced by the tools themselves.
Enter Ergodyne’s ProFlex® Anti-Vibration Series Gloves. These specialty hand protection options are built specifically to serve as the last line of defense against Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome – a harmful and permanent condition caused by prolonged vibration exposure. Feature Ergodyne’s AV™ palm padding technology, select models are certified to ANSI and ISO standards for Vibration Reducing Gloves, while others are built to combine palm impact protection with dexterity.
The 9002 Full-Finger Anti-Vibration Gloves feature full-length AVC™ padding underneath a gripping palm to provide ANSI/ISO-certified protection.A hex-stretch knit construction allows the gloves to breathe, while neoprene padding protects the knuckles.
The reinforced fingertips and thumb saddle resist wear while a low-profile molded hook & loop closure keeps out dust and debris, and provides a space to write the wearer’s name.
The model 9012 Anti-Vibration Gloves + Wrist Support offers the same certified vibration protection and features of the with the addition of a built-in wrist support to relieve repetitive motion discomfort.
The ANSI/ISO certified 9015F(x) Anti-Vibration Gloves + DIR Protection includes molded rubber armor on the knuckles and fingers for dorsal impact protection in applications with back of hand impact exposure.
When palm impact is the primary hazard, more dexterity is required or a certified AV glove is unnecessary, look to the 9001 Full-Finger Impact Gloves.
Featuring segmented AVC™ padding under a gripping palm, the 9001 is padded in key impact areas with a full-finger design that protects the whole hand while still maintaining dexterity. Hex stretch knit combines with breathable spandex while a neoprene pad protects the knuckles and a reinforced thumb saddle extends glove life.
For palm impact applications that also require the utmost dexterity, there is the 900 Half-Finger Impact Gloves. And for those who want the added benefit of a built-in wrist support, there’s the model 910 Half Finger Gloves + Wrist Support.

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