Aqua-Chem Pharmaceutical/ Bio Tech Market Video

Since 1947 Aqua-Chem equipment has produced high purity water for a full spectrum of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and Water-for-Injection. Additionally, Aqua-Chem provides solutions for producing pure clean steam for sterilization processes in laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing and related environments. Today we supply Aqua-Chem Spray-Film® vapor compression and multiple effect distillation units to produce consistent, reliable, high-purity water for injection for IV solutions, cell culture growth, vaccines and other critical applications. Aqua-Chem also produces pure steam generators for pure steam applications. Validation documentation is an integral part of our pharmaceutical units. It is designed to provide data and documentation to assist you with your IQ, OQ, and PQ requirements. Our quality system for our pharmaceutical
units is comprehensive and rigorous. All systems are factory tested with FAT documentation and endotoxin challenge with third-party documentation. All of our endotoxin tests have indicated non-detectable levels of endotoxins, equating to a log reduction of 4 to 5.n (WFI) applications.

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