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Argon Electronics - EPD-Mk2-SIM Video

Training simulator for the Thermo Scientific EPD-Mk2 dosimeter

- The EPD-Mk2-SIM totally replicates the user interface of the real Thermo EPD-Mk2.
- All standard and customer user menu systems are retained, you can even copy across the batch files from your real EPD-Mk2 dosimeters and download the students simulated dose history.
- Based upon actual Thermo EPD-Mk2 dosimeter.
- All standard EPD-Mk2 functions retained including Hp10 and HP0.07 alarms.
- Works with Thermo Easy EPD, WebRems and teledosimetry system.
- Enables you to create very powerful radiological, CBRN and HazMat training exercises and scenarios.
- PlumeSIM compatible.
- Use with optional local player to respond to standard simulation Gamma Sources.

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