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AT7000 Breathalyzer quick screen digital display alcohol tester Video

AT7000 was designed with compact keyboard, easy operation menu and user friendly interface with the colorful LCD screen,high light alarming lamp and headlamp. The air blowing port was designed as non-contact fish-mouth type, that will guarantee the health and safety of the users. AT7000 could be used to test alcohol concentration and to save the lives of your staffs and lives on the road. So, for police officers or company owners, use this device and you gonna save lot of your time at the checkpoint where it may have a lot of persons waiting to get tested, you may easily adjust the blow time from 0.2s to 2s.,if you wanna find out who is clear or not clear, 1s blow time or even shorter will be more than enough. Green light means “no drink”, Red light means “alcohol detected”, and yellow light means “Faulty”. The headlight also can be used as lighting equipment at night or any places where the light is not enough. AT7000 had been widely used in many countries in the world. And I believe the reliable AT7000 digital display alcohol tester will be one of your best choices of quick scan alcohol tester.

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