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Audit & Inspection Software - Video

Cut the paperwork - increase accuracy and save time.

With Effective Software’s Safety Audit Software, online or offline, you can send data straight to your central account and streamline your reporting process.

Safety Inspections, Audits, Quality Checks, Maintenance Inspections, Engineering Surveys, Facilities Reports – the list is endless. No matter what the purpose, the process takes time and requires a lot of administration time to get usable data out of the inspection process. Effective Software’s Safety Audit Software changes all of that with a complete paperless reporting solution that can be used online, using any web enabled browser, or offline on your mobile devices.

The Safety Audit Software allows you to eliminate paper and streamline your whole reporting process. Inspections completed in the field can immediately be sent back to your central account. No lost papers, no duplication or data entry, no more time wasted in identifying potential problems because data needs to be entered into a spreadsheet at the end of the month. The intuitive functionality includes photos, GPS and bar code scanning, and as it works offline, remote locations are not a problem.

The Safety Audit Software is fully user configurable. You can create all the templates you need in our easy to use template editor and either schedule the reports to specific users or make them available for anyone to use directly from their device. It’s that easy to change how you manage all your reports, audits and inspections.

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