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Automatic blow molding machine APF-6004 for PET bottles 0.2-2.0l, 6000 bph Video

The innovative blow molder APF-6004 (6000 bph, 0.2-2.0l bottles) is widely used by mineral water and soft drinks, juices and vegetable oils, milk and dairy products, detergents producers to get high quality bottle at low cost. PET bottle has become a part and parcel of liquid products manufactures marketing strategy. The demand for unique bottles with exclusive design and guaranteed output is increasing. To satisfy this need the blower has been equipped with:
- unique patented mold closing system without analogs in the world permits to reduce time cycle for bottle formation and thus guarantee machine high speed performance.
- preform intensive heating system with IR reflector lamps rating 1000 and 2000W;
- 8 temperature regulation zones with option of independent deactivation to produce asymmetric packaging with original shape
- minimum changeover time for another mold;
- innovation air cooling system provides uniform temperature penetration through the preform body
- servo drives implementation
- the machine is equipped with air recovery system with reuse of compressed air from high pressure system into low pressure line to save up to 25% on compressor equipment investments
- compact and space saving design
- easy integration in automatic filling line
- CE and HACCP approval

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