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Bag Splitter - Pneumatic Conveying Air-Tec System Video

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The manual bag splitter is a device for emptying paper or plastic bags. The cutting chamber is completely closed and kept depressed by a filter with a fan or by a connection to an existing suction installation in order to avoid dissemination of material into the air.
The manual bag splitter has a robust and compact construction.

Made with the options listed below, the bag splitter devices are suitable for installation in any area: food, chemical, pharmaceutical.
Bag splitters can be equipped with:
A fluidification system for easy emptying of the hopper at the bottom.
A filter system that includes bag filter, system backwash air and vacuum.
A door for toxic products together with gloves.
An opening to eject the empty bags.
A compacting device for the empty bags.
An opening for connection to the central suction.

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