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Bandit Model 1390XP 13`-15` Drum Style Hand Fed Chippers Video

The compact Model 1390XP is an efficient hydraulic feed, drum-style chipper with an oversized drum and a large chipper opening. This unit is offered in two versions making it either a 13-inch or 15-inch diameter chipper. The standard 1390XP will easily accommodate a 13-inch diameter piece with its 15.75-inch high chipper opening, while the heavy-duty unit will except material up to 15 inches in diameter with its larger feed system. This chipper provides all of the advantages of a hydraulic-feed drum-style chipper, yet chips like a disc. Engine options are available from Caterpillar, Cummins, Kubota, John Deere, and Perkins ranging from 84.5 to 142 horsepower.

As with all Bandit hand-fed drum-style chippers (excluding the Model 990XP), the 1390XP comes equipped with a large 37-inch diameter drum. The Bandit drum is nearly 15 inches larger in diameter than most competitive chippers ranging from 12-inch to 15-inch capacity. The larger drum allows for material to be chipped on the bottom half, with the grain of the wood. This will reduce fuel consumption, vibration, and require less horsepower to chip larger diameter material. A larger diameter drum also turns slower than a smaller drum, which increases torque and provides a smoother, more efficient chipping action.

The 1390XP is equipped with the same proven, dependable hydraulic feed systems you come to expect from a Bandit chipper. The standard feed system features (2) 7.5-inch diameter x 17-inch wide feed wheels, driven by (2) 15.5 CID hydraulic motors. These hydraulic motors generate 1,646 in/lbs of pulling power for each feed wheel. If you will be consistently chipping larger diameter material up to the machine's maximum 15-inch capacity, we recommend upgrading to the powerful optional feed system that has two 10 5/8-inch diameter x 20.5-inch wide feed wheels, which is the same feed system utilized on our Model 250XP hydraulic feed, disc-style chipper. This system is driven by (2) 32.7 CID hydraulic motors generating 2,040 in/lbs of pulling power for each feed wheel. This system substantially reduces chainsaw work and decreases operator fatigue.

The 1390XP can be equipped with a number of options that will increase production, saving your operation time and money. Features like a reversing auto feed, hydraulic lift cylinder, hand crank swivel discharge, and a hydraulic winch can be added to this unit.

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