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Bandit Model 1890XP 19` Drum Style Hand Fed Chippers Video

The 19' capacity model 1890XP Brute is available with engine options ranging from 114 to 213 horsepower. The Brute is unique because it can be equipped with higher horsepower engine options, yet will weigh less than 10,000 pounds to accommodate local transportation restrictons. Less weight and a powerful feed system makes this unit the most versatile 19' capacity drum-style chipper available on the market today.

The 1890XP Brute features a powerful feed system that will easily pull and compress large diameter limby material. This system consists of (2) powerful horizontal feed wheels that are 10 5/8' diameter x 20' wide. A 41' high x 64' wide profile infeed hopper with 30' fold down infeed tray provides maximum room for folding material with numerous branches. A bottom clean-out door is also included and is located underneath the bottom feed wheel allowing for dirt and other debris to fall out extending knife life.

The Model 1890xp heavy-duty is a high-capacity, hydraulic-feed drum-style chipper specifically designed for those contractors and governmental agencies who tackle full tree removals and light land clearing.
With engine option starting at 160 horsepower up to 250 horsepower, this unit is suited for those who want a machine with ultimate power. One of its most important features is that it is equipped with Bandit's proven slide box system for carrying the top feed wheel, which ensures that the feed system is within inches of the cutting surface. The large opening and closeness of the feed system make this unit extremely efficient in breaking down limbs and crotches, which reduces the need to trim.

This unit shows no fear when presented with larger diameter materials. The pockets that catch the chips as they come off the knife have been enlarged, increasing their carrying capacity and throwing velocity. Larger pockets are important in ensuring that chips are discharged on the first pass and not allowed to remain in the chipper housing. A unique slot, called a power slot, cut into the belly of the chipper allows proper air flow through the discharge. This provides a slot for chips that might remain in the housing to discharge, making the Intimidator virtually impossible to plug. An 1890 heavy-duty can be customized to meet the needs for almost any application. A Model 75 backhoe-style loader, super-sized feed systems, and a hydraulic winch make this an extremely versatile unit.

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