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Bandit Model 1990XP 21` Drum Style Hand Fed Chippers Video

The Bandit Model 1990XP is the ultimate hand fed drum-style chipper with engine options available up to 275 horsepower. The 1990XP has an extremely large chipper opening that is 24 1/2' high by 26' wide, and although it is rated as a 21' capacity machine, a 24' diameter piece can be processed by this remarkable machine. The Model 1990XP is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including right of way clearing, full tree removal, lot clearing and in some cases it is used to harvest logging slash for fuel.

The 1990XP is equipped with the same powerful hydraulic feed system that is utilized on our Model 1850 whole tree chipper. The top feed wheel is chain driven and is 15 ¾' diameter by 32' long. The bottom wheel is 10 5/8' in diameter by 32' long. Both are powered by 63.9 cubic inch hydraulic motors. The 1990XP has an extremely powerful chip throwing discharge system allowing it to fully load end opening chip vans and is even known to load trailers up to 45' long.

The patented power slot, adjustable side air flow vents, and side fan blades all enhance the throwing power of this unit. The patented power slot is positioned on the back side of the drum housing increases air flow and all but eliminates the chance of plugging. On the rare occurrence where the chipper might plug, chips are easily removed through this slot.

The 1990XP is equipped with a 41' high x 64' wide, wide profile heavy-duty infeed hopper with 30' fold down infeed tray. A solid infeed tray with heavy-duty rim is available as an option and provides an excellent means for folding limbs and material with numerous branches.

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