Bandit Model HB20 Sidewinder Handlebar Stump Grinders-Video

The compact Model HB20XP 'SideWinder' easily reaches stumps not accessible by other grinders. The HB20XP features a unique pivot-action base allowing the user to keep the wheel base stationary while using a smooth gliding motion back and forth to easily grind stumps. A Kohler 27-horsepower gas engine is now offered for this unit, giving it greater power and torque.

The Model HB20XP 'SideWinder' is a must-have for rental centers. Customers will love its ease of operation and how it significantly reduces the effort required to grind a stump. It features a center-pivot pin which is easy to release, the ability to lock the machine into place for convenient transit, and a compact design that is easy to manuever and maintain.

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