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BHS NewSorter Video: ONP Fiber Recycling Video

The BHS NewSorter® screen automatically separates old newsprint (ONP) from mixed paper and rigid containers by using our patented in-line discs. BHS’ tri-shaped rubber discs impart a wavelike action into the material stream, liberating containers and smaller fiber from the ONP product. The ONP is conveyed forward while the other objects fall through the screen opening. The unique disc design provides variable Inter Face Opening (sizes), allowing you to fine tune the screen to keep up with changing material streams. The end result: a virtually contaminant-free ONP product ready to meet or exceed paper mill requirements with minimal post sorting.


- Effectively removes ONP from mixed paper and rigid containers
- Patented in-line discs provide accurate and adjustable sizing of material, reducing product loss
- Disc design reduces material wrap, reducing downtime
- Heavy-duty discs ensure long disc life and reduced maintenance
- High product throughput
- Variable speed drives and hydraulically adjustable deck angles allow for fast changes to meet processing requirements

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