Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

BHS Polishing Screen : Separates Fiber and Containers Video

Creates a clean stream of sortable containers by screening out two-dimensional paper and fines.

The BHS Polishing Screen-DRS® is the industry's most effective and efficient separator of containers from paper. This highly versatile screen utilizes the patented BHS compound, in-line disc design that virtually eliminates material wrapping. This keeps your maintenance costs low and your material quality high.

The adjustable, three-section angled deck creates three material fractions: mixed fiber, containers and fines. Two-dimensional paper is conveyed over the screening surface, while the containers and other three-dimensional objects roll off the back of the screen for sorting. Small contaminates fall through the screen, keeping them out of the finished products. The result is an extremely clean container stream, resulting in maximum recovery of valuable containers and virtually no loss of fiber to residue.

• Single piece of equipment to separate paper from containers -- no further fiber removal is necessary with a BHS Polishing Screen
• Patented in-line discs virtually eliminate material wrapping, resulting in reduced downtime, enhanced safety and extended screening efficiency
• Longest disc wear in the industry

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