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Bio-Microbics Recover Greywater Treatment System - How It Works Video

For residential, community, and commercial properties focused on ways to save, treat, and transport potable water to where they really need it, onsite water treatment and “Water Reuse Systems” are implemented as a “cutting-edge,” green-building strategy, and certain areas of the world are mandating it. Because of the environmental benefits, stringent regulations, and potential incentives that accrue, using treated wastewater as an alternate water source is a better on-site water management system.

Advantages of Greywater Treatment & Recycling for Residential Homes!

The Recover system has many safety features built in to protect public health. Many of these go beyond the product standard requirements. The smart controller is able to further improve system efficiency and increase user satisfaction with the system:
• Reduce water usage by up to 30%
• Toilet Leak Detection
• Auto Away Mode
• Self-cleaning Filter Procedure
• Auto Toilet Size Detection
• Provides Maintenance Reminders

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