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Blackline Safety G7 Basic Training Vidoe

This basic training video provides a quick overview of how to use G7 devices including G7c and G7x. Both devices monitor the safety of lone workers and offer the option of environmental gas detection through a series of plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges.

Training topics include:

- Turning G7 on and off
- How the green SureSafe® light confirms that your safety is being monitored
- Using G7 like a traditional gas monitor, displaying gas readings as you work
- G7 features automatic incident detection and will request you to confirm that you're ok if it detects a fall, man-down (motionless) event or a gas exposure
- G7 calls for your attention using yellow lights, beeping and vibration
- How to mute a yellow alarm
- G7 requests you to confirm your well being with a simple check-in by pressing in on the SOS latch
- Without a confirmation that you're ok, G7 will call for help, triggering a red alert
- How to mute a red alert
- How to call for help by pulling the red SOS latch
- The blue LiveResponse™ light confirms that the live monitoring team is responding to your call for help
- The live monitoring team will contact you through two-way message or a voice call

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